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Green House

Establishment of greenhouses: SAC Company is establishing Greenhouses (GH) in size of (315) square meters (45 lengths x 7 widths x 3.5 Height) with components equipped with necessary tools:

Location: The greenhouse should be located where it gets maximum sunlight. The first choice of location is the south or southeast side of a building or shades of trees. Sunlight all day is best, but morning sunlight on the east side is sufficient for plants. Morning sunlight is most desirable because it allows the plant's food production process to begin early; thus growth is maximized.

Good drainage is another requirement for the site. The greenhouse should be built above the surrounding ground so rainwater and irrigation water will drain away. Other site considerations include the light requirements of the plants to be grown; locations of sources of heat, water; and shelter from winter wind. Access to the greenhouse should be convenient for both people and utilities. A workplace for potting plants and a storage area for supplies should be nearby.

Coverings: Greenhouse coverings include long-life glass, fiberglass, rigid double-wall plastics, and film plastics with 1- to 3-year life-spans. For this project double color plastic will be used.

Environmental Systems: Greenhouses provide a shelter in which a suitable environment is maintained for plants.

Heating: The heating requirements of a greenhouse depend on the desired temperature for the plants grown, the location and construction of the greenhouse, and the total outside exposed area of the structure. The engineer will decide on the heating system of the GHs.

Ventilation: Ventilation is the exchange of inside air for outside air to control temperature, remove moisture, or replenish carbon dioxide (CO2). Several ventilation systems can be used. Natural ventilation will be used for this project.

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