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Noor Agriculture Group has played a major role in the agriculture sector of Afghanistan and neighboring countries though import, supply and distribution of certified wheat seeds, fertilizer, farm tools and machinery to farmers even in the remote areas of the country. Agri input and supply services of the company has now expanded into neighboring Tajikstan.

  • Provision of certified seeds to farmers via different mechanisms.

  • Import and sale of cereal crops with particular focus to wheat seeds though agriculture depots established by NAG.
  • Buying back the wheat harvest from the farmers with no middleman bottlenecks to farmers.

  • Import and sale of other seasonal crop and hybrid vegetable seeds to farmers.

  • Provision of agro based irrigation equipment such ad sprinlers, drip irrigation.

  • Green houses.

  • Import and sale of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and fungicide.

  • Provision of other farm based tools and equipment such as tractors with spare parts, threshers, shears, sprayers pumps, drip irrigation, green houses ets.

  • Regular training, mentorting and orientation to farmers prior to introducing any new products.

  • Horticulture, orchard and nursery management, colonel root stocks.

  • Provision of veterinary medicines, milking machines, animal feed/fodder.


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